Where is a good place to buy cufflinks? Nice gold ones?

buy cufflinks

I was looking around on ebay….. any other places? I want to get him nice ones but I don’t want to spend a ton of money…. more afriad he’ll lost them more then anything.
Any ideas to look for sales and deals?
I want them to be real gold- yellow or white.

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  1. shay
    shay says:

    Jewlery stores sell them…but not your mall jewelry store. Find a small, family owned store and see if they can order them for you.

    I bought my friend some sterling silver cufflinks and they were nicely priced.

  2. kateqd30
    kateqd30 says:

    Did you try one of the Jewelry Exchanges? I know there is one in Wayne and there is one by me in Woodbridge(I think there might be more than just these two), you can find good deals in there.

  3. Ara57
    Ara57 says:

    JC Penny has them. I think they have both real gold and faux gold, if you want to save money, no one will know the difference.

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