Who is Derek Anastasia ?

Hi everyone,

You might ask who is derek anastasia? Well, let me give you some brief introduction about him. Derek is a enamel cufflinks collector and have collected over 1000 pieces of rare and interesting enamel cufflinks. He is also interview on “Treasures In Your Home TV Show”.

Besides, he is also the apprasier of Men’s Jewelry Category, Association of Online Appraisers and the Online Appraisal Service ‘Ask The Appraiser’ plus
Enamel Advisor, of National Cuff Link Society and the American Society of Jewelry Historians.

Visit his informational website @
Here are a small piece of questions from me to him. I am in the mist of preparing the interview questions and shall be ready soon.

“May I do a email interview with you?”

Sorry for the tardy response to you since you initially contacted me. I commute to NYC during the week were my business is and Ft. Lauderdale were I stay on the weekends. Time becomes short.

Yes, please send me your specific questions for the interview. I will answer each one on a question to question basis.

“I saw the TV interview which you had on “Treasures In Your Home TV Show” on your website. wow, it was amzing that you interest focus on enamel cufflinks! I guess you are the only one in the world. (correct me if I am wrong,ha)”

There are other people who collect enamels. However, I don’t know of anyone who collects only enamels. And only old enamels. I have collections within The Collection … that’s how extensive it is.

“Cast a World of Cuff”

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