Why Collect Cuff Links?

Why Collect Cuff Links?
By Gene Klompus, National Cuff links Society, http://www.justcufflinks.com/
Summaries by Adwin Ang, with special permission from Gene


Good morning. So what is this new attraction to cuff links as a collectible? To the surprise of many, cufflinks are not really new to the hobby scene. Yes, they have been a collectible for years. In fact, one of the main reasons for the information of The National Cuff Link Society in 1991 was to provide a networking mechanism for colllectors. The society’s quarterly publication, “The Link”. This unique publication unites collectors throughout the world and provides ideas and research. As a result, cuff link collectors can now rejoice in the recognition of their hobby as a major collectible.

Veteran collectors describe the hobby as the ideal collectible. They point out that cuff links are very avaliable; affordable, easy to display and do not require a lot of room to store. They also boast that it is the only collectible that can be worn  on one’s shirt sleeve.

Also cufflink collecting is very affordable. Few other hobbies can be enjoyed for such little cost. Inexpensive pairs can be found readily at flea markets and garage sales.

Many cuff link collectors (linkers) enjoy boasting the pair that they bought at a local shop for as little as 50 cents. And guess what, the pair could turn out to be an antique or quality worth substantially more.  Collectors also enjoy the virtually infinite number of cuff link designs avaliable and the opportunities to specialize.

Some of the most popular subjects for specialization are sports, fraternal emblems, advertising logos,animals,cars and ships. Other enthusiasts limittheir collectiond to the types of materials used in the manufacturing process; exmple wood,leather,plastic,fur,enamel,gold and silver. There are some collectors who concentrate on the back of the cufflink. They specialize in various fastening devices that have evolved over the years..

ne more thing. Cuff link collecting is educational as well. They have always mirror the economy, lifestyle and history of their era. For example, the Victorian period’s accent on colour,glitter and enamels was clearly reflected in the design of its cuff links. Likewise, the post-world war II era’s preference for ostentatious fashion gave birth to the bright and oversized cufflinks of the day. Cuff links also reveals alot about the state of the art of design and workmanship at the time of their manufacture.
There are so many reasons to collect cuff links!

This is an article fully originated by Gene and publish by Adwin Ang.
Please email me if you intend to syndicate this article. No part of this article shall be alter without permission from me. Thank you.

Adwin Ang

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