why do women buy cufflinks for men who rarely wear them?

buy cufflinks

I notice quite a lot of ladies buy silver cufflinks as a present for men http://www.silverstall.com/silver/cufflinks.html but aside from weddings when was the last time you saw a man actually wearing cufflinks?

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  1. Buffhead
    Buffhead says:

    I wear them for work sometimes. Guess if your lady has bought you cufflinks she is politely telling you to smarten up.

  2. zombiebrian
    zombiebrian says:

    It’s cause they have no idea what to buy us if you want them to get you something you actully want give better hints.

    It’s like when we buy them fitness equitment it’s really for us they want and desire jewlery so buy us it thinking we think the same way.

    Women – buy us something practical!!!
    Men – buy em something shiny!!!

    get it!

  3. bumumble
    bumumble says:

    well , maybe they odnt know what else to get them, a group of us brought them for our tutor befroe he left the college

  4. wisernow
    wisernow says:

    Every time I buy a present for the wife I get a negative response?. A jumper that’s too tight she will wear, too big she will be flattered. Shoes she will always change for useless plimsolls or near equivalent, as with tee shirts, jewelry, etc. I do have one advantage that she does not seem to have access to any shops that sell real cufflinks, I now have a little quarter of my life that is immune to female wife/daughter/in laws/etc influence.At least now I can choose my own cufflinks, underwear, and socks.

  5. reggie
    reggie says:

    its a nice pressie to give ? expensive and for a special occasion and its something you have when you are invited to that special night ,or wedding Christning

  6. cranston
    cranston says:

    The only man I’ve ever bought cufflinks for is my brother, because he likes to wear formal shirts and DJs (when appropriate, I hasten to add – he doesn’t wear a DJ when going out on a Saturday night!!). I wouldn’t buy them for someone unless he wore them regularly – otherwise what a waste of time and money!

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