Would you consider owning these novelty cufflinks?

Novelty cufflinks in general are considered less formal than sterling silver cufflinks or gold cufflinks. Zooming into the web, there are total of 496,000 websites on the topic of novelty cufflinks. If the cufflinks shown here gives you a second thought about wearing them, let me hear your view in comment.

Unique novelty cufflinks are best as gifts to man who are daring or dare to be difference.
Novelty would in my defination is really difference from the convensional. So don’t be offended by what I have to show you. It just shows how cufflinks have evolved from classic traditional links cuffs to novelty fun cuffs.

Cufflinks World.com
is a new venture from Pieces of Time. A wide range of cufflinks are sold online. These include novelty cuff links, silver cuff links, gold cufflinks, diamond cufflinks, watch cuff links, compass and thermometer cufflinks and formal cuff links.

Interestingly, on their home page you wont be able to find a single pictures on cufflinks.
You might wonder where to go. Just clink on the “Enter Shop”. A site not to be miss to wide selection and fast loading page!

‘Screw You’ Cufflinks

Chrome in the Mood Cufflinks

Twelve Inches Cufflinks

I am the Boss Cufflinks

Naughty Slogan Cufflinks

Swarovski Sapphire Crystals set in a Dice Design

Rectangular Shaped Multi Coloured Cufflinks

Thank you, Marc Wachsmann for allowing me to present these pictures from your website.
p.s: All cufflinks come in an attractive presentation case.

All cufflinks are made from U.S.A and England. The uniqueness of this site is they have a section on french cuff links shirt. Seldom you get to find on cufflinks site.

Before I forgot, be sure to check out their cufflinks clearance section you could save up to 50%.

45 RPM Record Adapter in Sterling Cufflinks

Robot Cufflinks

Hello Kitty Cufflinks

Double Ace Cufflinks

Sterling Chess Pieces Cufflinks

Stethoscope in Sterling cufflinks

Viagra Cufflinks

Thank you, Sam Wright or allowing me to present these pictures from your website.

post results of interest :

“Cast a World of Cuffs”

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