Your Cufflink Style and Fashion

Why you should wear cufflinks. Some reasons you can use…
Cufflink: Style and Fashion

Cufflink Style and Fashion

Don’t think that just because you’re not attending a wedding, you can’t wear a cufflink. From evening balls to backyard brawls, cuff links have made their way into every imaginable event.  And jewelers are trying to keep up with the growing demand!
The style and fashion trends surrounding cuff links and their stud set partners are simple: 

  1. Cuff links are worn to replace the buttons of cuffs
  2. Stud sets are worn to replace the buttons going down the center of shirts
  3. Cuff links and stud set normally match but don’t have to
  4. If cufflinks and stud sets don’t match exactly, they should complement each other
  5. Cufflinks can be chosen to match a watch and/or wedding band, such as silver or gold
  6. “Themed” cuff links, such as animals, sports oriented, or those touting a specific profession or hobby are usually reserved for more casual wear
  7. Juvenile cuff links, such as teddy bears or smiley faces are most appropriate for children’s events or family parties
  8. Semi-precious stones and finer jewels are well-suited for weddings and formal affairs
  9. Custom cufflinks can be made to match any personality
  10. French cuffs (mousquetaire, introduced in the mid-1600s) and French cufflinks lean on the formal side, so be circumspect with their usage
  11. Cuff links and stud sets are the perfect gift for any man or woman!

TIP:  Don’t just purchase a cufflink because it’s a bargain.  Make sure you love the cuff link and have the appropriate place to display its beauty or splendor!
TIP:  Make sure you have the right storage box for your cufflinks and stud sets.  A good collection of well-preserved cuff links is an investment and will come in handy just when you need them most.
TIP:  Proper care of your cufflinks will extend their lives.  Keep your cufflinks and stud sets clean and polished. 
TIP:  Plan ahead.  Don’t wear your cufflinks if you may risk scratching, dirtying, or losing them.  If anticipating a “moving day” at the office, leave your cufflinks at home that day.
TIP:  The National Cufflinks Society has been established to preserve this fashion legend.  Contact Info:  P.O. Box 5700, Vernon Hills, IL 60061 Phone: 847-816-0035

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